Savings Plan

Smile Memberships Savings Plan

For patients and families that would like a better option for the ongoing dental care they need in order to maintain optimal oral health, Smile Avenue Family Dentistry of Katy has a Smile Membership Savings Plan that helps individuals and families save on their dental care. The investment in the Smile Membership Savings Plan will more than pay for itself over time and the plan ensures that you and your family are receiving the best possible pricing for the dental care that you need. Please ask a member of our team about the Smile Membership Savings Plan!

Dental Care Savings Plan!

Plan Discount Off
Single $299 savings of $250 off our normal fees)
Dual $575 (savings of $575 off our normal fees)
Family (3) $752 (savings of $720 off our normal fees)
Family (4) $917 (savings of $1295 off our normal fees)
Each additional $110 ------

Our Basic Plan

Our Basic Plan For $299 Will Include:

Katy, Texas Location