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Gum Grafting To Strengthen Your Smile

Do you know how important the condition of you gums is to your general health? Most people are not aware of the fact that many life-impacting illnesses such as stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart problems can be linked to gum disease. Keeping your gums in good health can keep you out of the doctor’s office for these debilitating problems. When you come for an oral exam at Smile Avenue Family Dentistry located at Katy, TX our hygienist will check your gums to see if you need periodontal care.

Patients with gingivitis will be given a treatment plan so that the disease can be brought under control before it has an opportunity to become worse. Early treatment of gum disease prevents a host of serious issues including gum recession and loss of teeth along with the earlier mention of general health problems.

Ultrasonic Cleanings

Special dental instruments are used to thoroughly clean teeth especially where gum disease is involved. Ultrasonic cleanings have been shown to be extremely effective in removing the hard substance (known as tartar or calculus) that builds up on the teeth above and below the gum line. Where the gums would normally be attached to the teeth, this substance pushes them away causing pockets to form where food gets trapped and bacteria collect to cause further injury to the gums. The hygienist at Smile Avenue Family Dentistry of Katy will give you a good cleaning and get your gums back on the road to restored health using ultrasonic tools to remove all the tartar buildup on your teeth.

Our hygienists are trained to spot gum disease in all its various stages and help bring it under control. You will be given instructions on home care so that the healing process can continue. It is important to keep up with your home care even if it is as simple as using a prescribed mouthwash or toothpaste. Gum disease is nothing to ignore or overlook. Keep up with good oral hygiene for the benefit of your smile and your overall health. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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